• bill automata

    bill automata

    design team lead for evident.io

  • Alakazam De

    Alakazam De

  • Luc Perkins

    Luc Perkins

    Technical writer @streamlio. Ph.D political theorist.

  • Azreen Nik

    Azreen Nik

    A pansexual brand designer and entrepreneur who loves #Green and @gerihalliwell. A sweet bad boy.

  • drew tyson

    drew tyson


  • Mike Webster

    Mike Webster

    PhD Candidate in English Literature (Digital Media and Film). Interests: Games, Entrepreneurship (esp. campus entrepreneurship), Marketing,, and Literature.

  • Majorminor


    Majorminor is a multifaceted design studio based in San Francisco. We help brands build immediate and memorable connections with their audiences.

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